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When Construction Workers Get Hurt At Work 

Personal Injury Lawyer

Construction workers are an unquestionably tough bunch. They work in extreme weather conditions, often at great heights, and often with speeding vehicles whizzing by within feet of where they’re standing. The challenges of the job tend to feed into a culture that promotes strength as well. It is rare, for example, to witness a career construction worker calling in sick unless they physically can’t stand up due to a high fever, a serious injury, or another medical condition that is temporarily debilitating.

There are benefits to working in an industry that values a hearty approach to the tasks at hand. However, there are also drawbacks. For example, the idea that “toughing it out” is the norm in the construction industry can lead workers to brush off injuries that require medical care. It can also lead to a sense that seeking compensation for occupational harm is “not in the spirit” of the job itself. Employers may even pressure workers to forgo seeking benefits.

Why Treating Injuries with Respect Is Important

All too often, construction workers suffer occupational harm and fail to seek treatment and/or legal guidance until significant – and potentially irreversible – damage has been done to their bodies and/or the strength of their legal position.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer – including those who practice at Ward & Ward Law Firm – can confirm, acting quickly in response to occupational harm often means the difference between securing significant compensation and forcing one’s family to shoulder the financial burdens associated with that harm.

Due to this reality, workers within the construction industry will benefit from treating their injuries – and the injuries sustained by their colleagues – with a greater sense of respect and urgency. Just because someone is tough doesn’t mean that they can’t get hurt and grapple with a need to take time to heal. Similarly, just because an industry is dangerous doesn’t mean that professionals within the industry should be subjected to unreasonable risks of sustaining physical harm.

Responding Effectively to Injurious Circumstances

When construction workers get hurt on the job, they need to seek prompt medical attention. There are numerous reasons why affected employees may need to push hesitation aside in order to get checked out. First – and most importantly – they may have suffered invisible injuries in addition to the ones that they can easily perceive. Getting diagnosed properly and promptly could save someone’s life or save them from irreparable damage.

Second, they will need to have their injuries verified in order to seek workers’ compensation benefits, insurance payouts, and/or personal injury damages. The sooner that a worker seeks medical treatment after sustaining harm, the less likely it will be that the strength of their case will be compromised later due to assertions that they likely incurred the harm in question as a result of other circumstances or activities.

Third, once their injuries have been clarified, they’ll be able to speak with an attorney about the extent of their suffering and about any opportunities for meaningful compensation that may be available to them.