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Uber Accident Lawyer Lake Charles, LA

A car flipped upside down with the windows shattered before an Uber Accident Lawyer Lake Charles LA is called for helpA Lake Charles, LA Uber accident lawyer understands that any kind of car accident can completely throw you off. You may feel discombobulated, unsure of exactly what happened, and you may be confused about who was responsible for the accident. This can feel even more magnified when you are in an Uber. It is easier to understand responsibility when you are the one in control of a vehicle, but if you were injured while riding in an Uber, you might be wondering if the fault lies with your Uber driver or the other driver involved. When you are the victim of an accident involving an Uber, you should seek legal help from Delphin Law Offices as soon as possible. We can help you sort this out and file a claim to seek compensation from the responsible party. Call our office when you are ready to work on your claim.

Why should you hire a lawyer in this scenario? 

With a car accident, you may think filing a claim will be straightforward. Especially in Uber accidents where you are a passenger, it is unlikely you were the one at fault so you know you’ll be filing a claim against someone else. Pretty straightforward, right? Not necessarily. There are many factors that go into filing an Uber accident claim and you may be filing against multiple parties. Instead of adding more stress to your plate when you are trying to recover from your injuries, lean on a Lake Charles Uber accident lawyer.

Finding Liability

The first thing your lawyer will want to do is understand who was liable for the accident occurring. In Louisiana, the person who is responsible for the accident occurring is also responsible for covering the damages. This makes Louisiana an at-fault state. So, if you were riding in an Uber and another driver smashed into the side of your Uber after running a red light, they may be solely responsible for the accident. When this is the case, you would not file a claim with Uber or your Uber driver, but you would file a claim against the other driver.

If, on the other hand, your Uber driver is responsible for the accident, your lawyer will need to make a case against either the driver or Uber. If the driver was technically working at the time and had picked you up, your lawyer will try to recover compensation through a claim with Uber.

Additionally, if you were riding in an Uber and the crash was caused by someone else who does not have insurance, your lawyer can fight to get compensation through Uber’s uninsured motorist coverage.

Getting Help After An Uber Accident 

You have many options following an Uber accident but you may not know exactly what your options are unless you work with a lawyer. When you need help following an Uber accident and know that your claim may be more complicated, reach out to Delphin Law Offices. Our Lake Charles Uber accident lawyer is here to help you.