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Mark Delphin II, was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Growing up, he watched his father and older cousin practice law, helping those who were wrongfully injured and accused. This had a profound influence on him and fueled his desire to follow in their footsteps, fighting for those without a voice using legal expertise.

Mark II attended Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana and in 2011, received his Bachelor of Science degree in History. Mark would later go on to study law at the Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, earning his Juris Doctorate in 2017. He is well equipped to practice law in Louisiana, after passing the bar exam and being sworn in since September of 2019.

Mark II is a lifelong learner and has continued his legal education by attending the “Gerry Spence Method 3-week College” in Dubois, Wyoming during the summer of 2021. He has also attended specialized training offered through the “Trial by Human College” in 2019 and 2021. In addition, Mark II has successfully completed several Trojan Horse Seminars, perfecting his trial skills, and participated in training offered by Trial Lawyer’s University. As an active learner, he is always seeking developmental opportunities in order to better serve his clients.

Mark also has significant training and experience in psychodrama analysis, which is a skill that allows protagonists to act out events from their past, breaking them down in order to develop a strong legal case. This skill has helped him to better understand his clients, while allowing him to effectively tell their stories. This training has resulted in him building stellar communication and trial abilities, making him an expert legal practitioner.

At the Delphin Law Offices, Mark Delphin II specializes in personal injury litigation, primarily representing clients who were injured in vehicle wrecks, premises liability incidents, and dog bites. He is also an active trial attorney seeking more cases.


Personal injury litigation, Premises liability incidents, and Dog Bites


Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge

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