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After an accident that has caused you to become injured, you likely want to reach out to our personal injury attorneys Lake Charles, LA relies on from Delphin Law Offices. We understand the idea of going through a legal claim can be difficult: you are not sure of how much money you may be able to recover and you are concerned that the process of filing a claim will be long and arduous. This is one of the reasons you should have a personal injury attorney on your side. We will fight for compensation on your behalf. To see what our team can do for you, schedule your consultation now. 

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    Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

    Personal injury cases arise when individuals are harmed due to the negligence or intentional acts of others. These cases often involve various types of injuries, some of which are more common than others. As a professional at Delphin Law Offices in Lake Charles, LA, we’ve seen firsthand how these injuries can impact the lives of our clients. Here are some of the most frequent injuries that individuals encounter in personal injury cases:

    • Whiplash and Neck Injuries: Often resulting from car accidents, especially rear-end collisions, whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly jerked forward and backward, leading to neck pain and stiffness.
    • Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): These can result from falls, sports accidents, or vehicle-related impacts. Symptoms can be mild to severe, impacting cognitive functions and quality of life.
    • Broken Bones and Fractures: Slips, trips, and falls, as well as vehicular accidents, can lead to broken limbs, ribs, and other fractures.
    • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries: These injuries can cause long-term pain and mobility issues. In severe cases, they can lead to paralysis.
    • Burns: These injuries may occur from fires, chemical exposure, or electrical accidents and can lead to significant scarring and disfigurement.
    • Soft Tissue Injuries: Sprains, strains, and tears to muscles, tendons, or ligaments are common in slips and falls or during physical activities.
    • Emotional Distress: Personal injury isn’t always physical. The trauma of an accident or injury can lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    How to Deal With Long-Term Injuries

    Dealing with long-term injuries can be a challenging journey, and it requires a comprehensive approach to manage not just the physical aspects, but the emotional and financial ramifications as well.

    • Seek Immediate and Ongoing Medical Attention: It’s crucial to not only get immediate treatment following an injury but also to adhere to a prescribed rehabilitation program to ensure the best recovery possible.
    • Document Everything: Keeping detailed records of medical treatments, expenses, and how the injury affects daily life will be essential for any personal injury claim.
    • Understand the Long-Term Impact: Long-term injuries may require alterations to your lifestyle, home, and work environment. It’s important to consider these changes early and plan for them.
    • Consider Psychological Support: Counseling or therapy can be immensely helpful in dealing with the emotional toll of a long-term injury.
    • Seek Legal Advice: Engaging with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA, can provide the guidance needed to navigate the complexities of a personal injury claim.

    At Delphin Law Offices, we understand the weight of dealing with a long-term injury. Our approach is to listen, empathize, and offer professional advice tailored to the unique circumstances of each client’s situation. When it comes to protecting your rights and ensuring you are fairly compensated for your injuries, we stand ready to assist.

    Do’s and Don’ts After a Personal Injury

    Do: Contact Your Lawyer Right Away

    After sustaining an injury, you should contact your personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA, to start handling your legal case. Waiting too long to take legal action can severely impact your ability to receive the financial compensation and justice you deserve; the sooner you start working with the professionals at Delphin Law Offices, the more quickly your case can be attended to.

    Don’t Share Details of Your Case With Others

    You never know when information will spread and potentially come back to harm your case, so it’s wise not to share any details of the accident with anyone outside of law enforcement or your legal team. Avoid talking about your case on social media, and don’t attempt to contact anyone else involved in the incident without the guidance of your personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA. On the same note, never agree to sign any documents, give statements or agree to be recorded without your lawyer present.

    Do Attend All Medical Appointments

    It’s very important to attend all of your doctor’s appointments after you’ve sustained an injury. Not only can this help you significantly in the recovery process, it also shows initiative on your part and goes a long way in helping you win your case. If you’re ever unable to make it to an appointment, try to reschedule at your earliest convenience. Be sure to let your legal team at Delphin Law Offices know why you had to reschedule!

    Don’t Skip any Treatments or Medications

    Skipping any treatments after an injury can make it very hard for your body to heal and recover the way it needs to, so follow any of your doctor’s recovery instructions very carefully. Remember to take all of your prescribed medications, attend any physical or emotional therapy sessions and stay out of work and on bedrest for as long as your provider recommends. This is another important way to show initiative in your case, and your personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA, can use this evidence to support your claim in court.

    Do Take Plenty of Time to Recover

    No matter what kind of injury you’ve sustained, it’s vital that you get plenty of rest after the incident. Don’t push yourself or engage in any strenuous activity until your doctor approves it, and avoid returning to work before your injuries have fully healed. If you’re struggling without a regular paycheck, contact your legal team to learn what options you have.

    Lake Charles Personal Injury Infographic

    Do’s and Don’ts After a Personal Injury Infographic

    Understanding the Personal Injury Demand Letter

    When you decide to pursue an insurance claim, it can be challenging to know where to start. One key component to initiating the process is to put together a personal injury demand letter. The demand letter outlines your losses, provides evidence supporting your claim, and requests compensation. This typically kicks off the process of negotiating with the insurance company. A lawyer will play a critical role in drafting a strong, well-written demand letter that details the impact the accident has had on you. Additionally, evidence supporting your claim will be a crucial component. Some types of evidence that may strengthen your claim include:

    • Medical Documentation
    • Photographs
    • Eyewitness Statements
    • Accident Reports

    What you may not realize is that a strategically written demand letter will play a vital role in the outcome of your legal claim. You will want to ensure that nothing is left out and that the compensation you are requesting has been appropriately valued. The last thing you want is to over or underestimate the value of your case. 

    Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

    If you’re considering filing a personal injury claim in Lake Charles, Louisiana, our attorneys at Delphin Law Offices want to ensure you’re well-informed:

    • Legal Representation Benefits: Partnering with a lawyer typically results in higher compensation for personal injury claims. Lawyers lend seriousness and expertise to your case, ensuring you receive a fair settlement.
    • Be Mindful of Communications: Exercise caution when discussing your accident. Avoid oversharing on social media and be cautious when speaking to the other party’s insurance agents, as they aim to minimize your settlement.
    • Avoid Signing Documents Prematurely: Don’t sign any documents from the other party’s insurance without consulting your lawyer. Insurance agents are adept at obtaining statements or agreements that could reduce your compensation.
    • Court Isn’t Always Necessary: Many claims are settled out of court. However, if the insurance company won’t meet your compensation needs, your attorney should be prepared to take legal action in court.

    For guidance on navigating your personal injury claim and to discuss the specifics of your case, reach out to us at Delphin Law Offices for a consultation.

    5 Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases

    Personal injury cases result when someone’s negligence causes an injury to another person. These are some of the things you should know about personal injury cases.

    1. Car Accidents Aren’t the Only Kind of Personal Injury Cases

    Car accidents result in a large share of the personal injury cases handled by a personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA. However, a personal injury case can result from any incident where a person or entity’s negligence caused another person’s injury. Common examples include slip and fall accidents, defective products, dog bites and wrongful death claims.

    2. You Need an Experienced Lawyer

    If you have been seriously injured, you may have thousands of dollars in medical bills. You may also miss weeks or even months at work or have a permanent disability. Because of the high stakes involved, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lake Charles, LA. An experienced attorney will be able to appropriately value your claim, negotiate a settlement or help you prove your case in court. 

    3. Compensation Can Be Substantial

    If you win your personal injury case, you may receive compensation for several types of damages:

    • Medical expenses
    • Property damage
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering

    If you have a wrongful death case, you may also receive compensation for:

    • Burial and funeral expenses
    • Medical expenses of the deceased person
    • Loss of financial support
    • Loss of companionship or consortium

    An attorney at Delphin Law Offices can evaluate your case to give you an idea of how much it is worth and help you pursue the maximum settlement you are owed.

    4. Your Case May Take Some Time

    If the medical bills are piling up and you have no income because you can’t work, you may be tempted to accept the insurance company’s first offer. However, it is better to discuss the offer with an attorney at Delphin Law Offices before you make a decision. Some cases can be resolved in a few months or less, but others may take a year or longer. Your attorney may be able to help you find ways to cover your expenses while you pursue your case. 

    5. Not Every Case Will Go To Trial

    Insurance companies usually prefer not to go to court because of the expense involved. Your attorney will work with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement without going to court. However, some cases are not able to be settled and must be resolved through the litigation process. 

    Personal Injury Statistics for Lake Charles, Louisiana Pie Chart Graph

    Personal Injury Statistics for Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Lake Charles definitely leads in personal injury accidents. According to state’s Department of Transportation statistics in Lake Charles:

    4,800 crashes per year.
    On average 11 of crashes are fatalities
    1,343 crashes result in injuries
    In 2021, Fatalities increased by 21.5%

    Louisiana Personal Injury FAQs

    Out Lake Charles, LA personal injury lawyer can help you get the care and compensation you need after an accident. Read on to see what a lawyer from our office can do for you.

    What Should I Do Immediately Following An Accident To Ensure I Have A Strong Personal Injury Claim?

    After an accident, your priority should be to seek medical attention, even if you feel fine, as some injuries may not present symptoms immediately. Documenting your injuries through medical records is vital for a personal injury claim. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries, gather contact information from witnesses, and report the incident to the authorities. Following these steps will provide a strong foundation for your claim when you consult with a Lake Charles personal injury lawyer.

    How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim In Lake Charles?

    The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Louisiana is generally one year from the date of the accident. This time frame can vary depending on the specifics of the case, so it’s essential to consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your claim is filed within the legal deadlines. Acting promptly will help preserve your rights and ensure that all relevant evidence is collected to support your claim.

    What Types Of Compensation Can I Recover In A Personal Injury Case?

    Compensation in a personal injury case may include medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In some cases, if the conduct of the at-fault party was particularly egregious, punitive damages might also be awarded. A Lake Charles personal injury lawyer can help evaluate the specifics of your case to determine the types of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

    Can I Still Recover Damages If I’m Partially At Fault For My Injury?

    Louisiana follows a comparative fault rule, which means that you can still recover damages even if you are partially at fault for your injury. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For instance, if you are found to be 30% at fault for an accident, your recovery will be reduced by 30%. It’s crucial to get a personalized assessment from a personal injury lawyer to understand how comparative fault may affect your claim.

    Why Should I Choose Delphin Law Offices To Handle My Personal Injury Case?

    Choosing Delphin Law Offices means selecting a team that is deeply committed to the community and to the wellbeing of its members. We bring a comprehensive, client-centered approach to every case, ensuring that your voice is heard, and your concerns are addressed. With extensive experience in personal injury law, our attorneys are adept at navigating complex legal processes to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

    Remember, dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our experienced team is ready to provide the legal support you need. If you’ve been injured and believe you have a claim, we encourage you to reach out to us. Together, we will strive for the justice and compensation you need to move forward from this difficult time. Contact Delphin Law Offices today, and see how our Lake Charles personal injury lawyer can help you find the way forward.

    Contact Our Office. We Can Help

    Pursuing a personal injury settlement either through the claims process or litigation can be highly litigious. For many recovering from an accident, the idea of negotiating a fair settlement can seem overwhelming. This is why it may be in your best interest to contact Delphin Law Offices. Our team of experienced professionals will work tirelessly to keep your interests at the forefront and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome based on your situation. Initiate the process so that you can move forward after the accident by reaching out to our Lake Charles, LA, personal injury lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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