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If you are suffering from a brain injury, our brain injury lawyer Lake Charles, LA relies on from Delphin Law Offices can help you with your brain injury claim. We understand that this kind of injury can be debilitating and can result in changing the way you live for the rest of your life. A brain injury, also known as a TBI, is not necessarily something you can identify after you have been in a personal injury accident. You may not realize there is any damage until it is too late. If you do not have a medical professional check you out shortly after the accident, you may be dealing with permanent or life-threatening injuries. 

What kinds of traumatic brain injuries are there? 

Not all TBIs will give you lasting damage. Below, our Lake Charles, Louisiana brain injury lawyer goes over some of the different types of brain injuries you may get and what kinds of symptoms to look out for.

What if I don’t really notice any of these symptoms? 

Unfortunately, our attorneys know that TBIs do not always present with such obvious symptoms and you may have a TBI and not really know it. This can be incredibly dangerous because you may think you are safe and do not need to go see a doctor after you have been in an accident. Our attorneys always recommend seeking help from a doctor as soon as possible after any type of personal injury accident. To learn more about what a Lake Charles, Louisiana brain injury lawyer can do for you, call Delphin Law Offices now. 

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