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When managing the aftermath of a car accident, victims should consider turning to our Lake Charles, LA car accident lawyer. Delphin Law Offices can assure that the proper steps are taken, mitigate the risk of mistakes and work to optimize the compensation you are entitled to. We know that the road ahead will be difficult, and having our firm by your side to take legal action can help alleviate stress and allow you the time needed to properly heal from the accident and the injuries you are faced with. 

Take the First Steps

Following the accident, your top priority should be your health. Seeking medical assistance is imperative to receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment for injuries. Failure to do so could not only be detrimental to your health and your recovery, but it could also impact your personal injury claim should it make sense for you to pursue one. While sometimes you may not believe you are injured, be aware that your body will release endorphins that may mask the injuries when an accident occurs. As a result, underlying injuries may go undiagnosed. This can be catastrophic and may ultimately result in irreparable damage. To protect yourself and safeguard your legal claim, always ensure that you are medically cleared following an accident. 

Pitfalls That Could Impact Your Claim

Following a car accident, it’s in your best interest to engage in the legal services that a Lake Charles, Louisiana car accident lawyer has available. In some cases, victims may make mistakes that could impact the outcome of their legal claim without even realizing it. With our guidance, we can help you avoid these common mistakes accident victims make in the wake of a car accident: 

Car Accident Pitfalls That Could Impact Your Claim InfographicAs you are likely aware, a car accident can result in severe losses for accident victims. Making mistakes following a car accident, while innocent enough, can drastically impact the value of a legal claim. In some cases, you may even have your claim denied as a result. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to consult with a legal professional. 

Why Call Our Firm? 

While minor accidents may not require our firm’s guidance, if you have experienced damages, it may be a good idea to take advantage of our legal knowledge. We know that the road to recovery may be long and arduous, and we are here to help you by: 

The time to act is now, and know that with our help, we can manage your case so that you can focus on healing. Don’t let yourself fall victim to insurance companies looking to undervalue your claim; we can help. 

To learn more about the services offered by Delphin Law Offices, schedule a consultation with our Lake Charles, LA car accident lawyer before it’s too late. 

Car Accident Cases Involving Medical Conditions in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Being involved in a car accident can have negative consequences. Injuries are often a part of the equation, and automobiles will usually need to be repaired. If your accident resulted from a medical condition, who is going to pay for the costs of recovery? Are you responsible for damages?

An Unknown Medical Condition

When someone has an unknown medical condition that causes an auto accident, it can be more difficult for the other party to sue the at-fault driver. He or she may still be able to get an insurance settlement, but anything beyond that might not be possible because the driver didn’t know about the condition.

For a judge to rule in favor of the individual with the medical condition, there are a couple of things that typically need to occur. First, there must be proof the individual wasn’t previously diagnosed with any condition that would limit his or her ability to drive a vehicle. For example, perhaps the medical episode resulted from carbon monoxide poisoning or some other random event, but the person has otherwise healthy medical records.

Second, there must be proof the individual wasn’t personally aware he or she was dealing with an undiagnosed medical condition. For example, the driver could collect witness statements from coworkers who spent the entire day with the driver. Those witnesses could prove the individual felt fine and was acting fine before getting behind the wheel.

A Known Medical Condition

If the driver knows he or she has a medical condition, it can get a little tricky, but the case doesn’t always favor the victim. For example, suppose the driver has been previously diagnosed with diabetes and has always taken the proper medication and care required by the doctor. In that case, the driver may not personally be responsible for the episode. However, if the driver wasn’t taking their medication correctly, the judge might rule in favor of the victim.

A Misdiagnosed Medical Condition

In some cases, a driver who suffers a medical condition may not know about the condition because he or she had been previously misdiagnosed. In that case, there’s a chance the medical doctor would be at fault for the accident, and both parties involved might be able to seek compensation from that medical professional.

Getting Your Lawyer Involved

Medical conditions can sometimes be hard to deal with, but they don’t have to limit your ability to live a normal life. If a medical condition caused your accident, contacting our Lake Charles, LA car accident lawyer from Delphin Law Offices may be in your best interest. 

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