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Misconceptions About Divorce

Family Law

Divorce is the last thing that married couples expect or plan to go through. Unfortunately, it is a common situation that affects many people. When couples go through divorce, it impacts not just themselves but any children they have and loved ones. You can depend on a divorce lawyer such as one from May Law, LLP to explain to you what you need to know about the divorce process if you are struggling. Before you make any kind of decision about divorce, it is crucial that you plan ahead. Many spouses are not prepared enough to go through the entire legal process. There are many misconceptions and inaccurate information about divorce that you should be aware of.

Divorce can be completed quickly

For the majority of separating spouses, filing for divorce can be a long process. It involves a lot of paperwork to complete, a lengthy review of finances, and there are many steps involved from start to finish. The time it takes to complete a divorce can take much longer than you expect.

My assets will be divided evenly 

It would be unwise to assume that your assets will be evenly distributed when you file for divorce. Your spouse may be able claim a portion of your assets if you are not mindful about your rights and the terms that you are seeking regarding your finances. It is easy to become complacent during divorce, so be sure to consult with a lawyer to discuss the state’s laws and your legal rights so that you can protect your assets.

I do not need to deal with custody arrangements

A mistake that many people going through divorce make is that they assume that they do not need to make any custody arrangements for their children. Custody can be changed and modified at any time according to a court’s decisions. To avoid any conflicts and legal complications, it is best to communicate with your ex and develop a custody arrangement that you can mutually agree on. However, it is also recommended that you speak to your attorney about how  best you can protect your parental rights and improve your chances of getting a fair custody arrangement.

Hiring a lawyer will only complicate my situation 

Lastly, another misconception that many divorcing couples believe is that hiring a lawyer will make the divorce more difficult. A lawyer who specializes in divorce such as one from May Law, LLP can guide you through every part of the process. It is actually beneficial to hire a lawyer who can defend your rights and help you stay informed throughout your entire divorce. If you are trying to decide whether to file for divorce, or if you need help from a lawyer during any part of the divorce proceedings, then you should act quickly. A lawyer will need as much time as possible to get the details that they need in order to be able to help you. It is better to inquire about your legal rights regarding divorce as early as possible. If you would like to learn more about legal services for a divorce, contact a skilled and qualified lawyer near you immediately.