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DUI Myths To Avoid Falling For

Stop Drinking and DrivingFacing a DUI charge can be a sobering affair. The consequences that follow you through a DUI charge often follow you for life. Many people fall for the quick fixes or technicalities in the law to get out of a charge. However, these solutions are often simply not true at all. Below you’ll find the top myths about DUI charges and what is fact and what is fiction. 

  • Eating or Waiting Will Lower Your BAC

This is one of the easiest myths to fall for. While eating does help with combating the narcotic effects of alcohol, it actually does nothing to help with lowering your blood alcohol content. The best way to lower your BAC is to just wait it off for a few hours. Most studies have shown that the highest spike happens an hour after the last drink as the body is steadily catching up with the consumption. The best way to avoid a DUI is to just get a sober driver. 

  • Spraying Breath Spray Lowers BAC Levels 

This is once again, just a myth. Most breath sprays contain traces of alcohol and other active ingredients that actually aggravate your BAC rather than lowering it. It also raises suspicion if you are pulled over and smell like a breath spray. Yes, your breath will smell better, it does nothing to combat the fact that you had been drinking. 

  • Putting Pennies or Metal in Your Mouth Tricks The Breathalyzer 

This is one of the more popular myths out there. It has no merit though. The metal in your mouth does nothing to combat the way a Breathalyzer picks up anything. It is also standard practice for law enforcement officers to ensure your mouth is free of everything before you test. Think of it this way, if you have braces and you drink, it wouldn’t change the results of the test. So why should any other metal? 

  • Drinking Coffee or Taking a Cold Showers Sobers You Up

Many people feel that they have sobered up after consuming a cup of coffee or taking a cold shower because it makes them feel more alert. The reality is that doing these things have no effect on your BAC level whatsoever. In fact, you will find that combining alcohol and coffee increases the harms of alcohol consumption. 

  • You Don’t Need A Lawyer 

Getting a DUI isn’t the same as a traffic ticket. It is a serious charge. A DUI is a criminal charge that is highly persecuted in all states. Having legal advice and representation to fight the charges against you gives you the best chance for a more favorable outcome than if you were to do it yourself. Don’t hesitate to speak to a lawyer if you are facing a DUI charge. 

A DUI lawyer like, our friends at Piletti Piolettie & Nichols, know a charge is serious and knows that it isn’t easy to tackle alone. Having support matters and it can make all the difference.