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Dispelling Legal Myths 

Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding reputable sources for legal advice can be challenging, but having a trustworthy source which can guide you through the legal process can provide you with proper representation which could maximize the damages you are entitled to. While the law is confusing and difficult to understand, an experienced personal injury lawyer stresses the importance of having a team of attorneys by your side that can help you understand complex legal topics. They will be there to help you become informed so that you are equipped to make decisions regarding your case.

Some Popular/Common Yet False Legal Myths

  • “I can file my case at any time”: all civil cases have a deadline, called a statute of limitations, which have a specific time frame each of the portions of the case must be filed. Without the proper communication and understanding of this timeline, your case may be considered null and void and thus you may be unable to file a case. 
  • “If someone is injured on my property, I am automatically responsible and liable for the damages and/or injury”: while a negligence and personal injury attorney can give you insight on the complexities of fault and issue regarding others getting injured on your property, someone sustaining an injury on your property does not automatically mean you are responsible for the injury. There are several mitigating factors which can place fault on the injured, rather than you. 
  • “Every attorney is the same”/ “One attorney is just as good as the next one”: there are many different types of lawyers who specialize in a variety of distinct sub-categories of law, and therefore may not be the best option to handle the same cases that another attorney may handle as they do not practice the same type of law. With more experience and the right staff, a specific attorney may have advantages over another to represent you. Researching, interviewing, and contacting a variety of different lawyers is essential to find the best fit attorney for your case. 
  • “I cannot afford an attorney and should handle my case on my own”: depending on the law firm you contact, many consultations and initial meetings are free, which may provide you free legal advice to help start your case. Before signing any contracts, be sure to talk extensively with your attorney to see what their specific firm fee structure is. Many personal injury law firms take cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you would only have to pay your attorney if you are awarded compensation for your injuries. 
  • “It is easier to deal with the insurance company on my own”: many insurance companies try to find loopholes to give you the least amount of compensation possible. Having a determined and competent lawyer will ensure that you can get the most out of your claim. 
  • “All cases will go to court”: many cases do not end up going to court and are resolved via a settlement. Settlement can occur through mediation, and this process can become significantly easier when you hire the appropriate council to represent you.
  • “My injury is not severe enough to hire a lawyer”: no matter the extent of your injury, hiring a lawyer will be in your best interest to guarantee that you will be receiving the proper treatment, care, and compensation from your case. 
  • “My attorney can tell me exactly how much compensation I will receive”: while an experienced attorney can estimate the value of your claim, it is impossible to say with certainty what the definitive total of compensation awarded will be as there are many mitigating factors which could impact the total amount given.  

Thanks to Eglet Adams for their insight on dispelling common legal myths.