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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents


In the United States, motorcycles account for around three percent of the registered vehicles on the road. However, those driving bikes or riding as passengers account for a high number of deaths and injuries compared with those riding in a car. Making the road safer for motorcyclists must start with those riding them, since many things bikers do put themselves and others in harm’s way. Here are some of the ways that bikers’ behavior leads to crashes.

Alcohol Impairment

It’s estimated that about one-quarter of all motorcycle traffic deaths, both single-vehicle crashes and multi-vehicle accidents, involved a biker whose blood alcohol content (BAC) was above 0.08, the legal definition of drunk. That number increases in a situation involving single-vehicle crashes. The likelihood of any crash escalates significantly if a driver’s BAC rises to 0.05, which can be reached after two drinks, depending on an individual’s weight.

Exceeding the Speed Limit

Speeding is another significant problem. Pushing a motorcycle beyond the speed limit increases the operator’s chance of losing control. Furthermore, speeding on a bike puts others on the road at a higher risk. It’s estimated that about half of the accidents involving cars and motorcycles are brought on by speeding.

Operating a Motorcycle Without Adequate Training

Riding is a risky and dangerous activity, so every time a rider operates a bike, they should be mindful of riding within their limits and not take on something they can’t handle. Also, bikes with larger engines are more deadly when the operator is involved in a crash. Learning basic riding instruction is critical, particularly for beginners

Lack of Experience

Inexperience also leads to a significant number of crashes. Fatal crashes often involve a driver who was not properly licensed and experienced. Riding a motorcycle demands a different skill set than driving a motor vehicle, so learning the do’s and don’ts before and practicing them getting on the road is vital.

Not Wearing a Helmet

Refusing to wear personal protective gear is another reason for injuries and deaths. Helmet use is not mandatory in all states. In many states, only those 18 years and younger are required to wear one. But, having the right helmet is critical when it comes to safety. Motorcyclists should wear a DOT-compliant helmet, as they are tested rigidly. In addition to wearing a helmet, riders should also wear gloves, boots, and a jacket, to protect their body in the event of an accident. Beginners, and even those more experienced, should review the many safety tips to employ to keep themselves as safe as possible while riding. 

When you get on a motorcycle and ride, you acknowledge and assume the risk. However, motorcyclists are often involved in crashes due to no fault of their own. If you or a loved one sustained an injury or lost a life in a motorcycle accident, contact one of our personal injury attorneys Lake Charles, LA trusts as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation and discuss the details of your case. Call us at Delphin Law Offices, PLC.