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Our last will and testament attorneys Lake Charles, LA relies on knows that wills are not only for the rich. We believe that a will is essential for everyone because even if you are not extremely wealthy you probably still have assets you would like to give to people. Dying is an inevitability; creating a will is a small way we can take control of that and allow those we love to get assets when we want them to. If you are interested in creating a will and would like to speak with our team about the first steps, please reach out to our office to set up an initial consultation. 

Last Will and Testament Attorneys Lake Charles, LA

How does a will transfer property to others? 

When you are creating a will, you need to understand the importance of what happens to your property. When you pass away, your property does not automatically go to the person you want it to. Without a will, the local court will begin looking at your assets and determining (in a not so timely fashion) where things should go. When you have a will, it is up to you to decide who your heirs will be and when they will get your property and assets. 

Do the property or the assets I choose go directly to the people I want? 

If you work with our Lake Charles, Louisiana last will and testament attorneys, we can help ensure you have written a will that clearly states what your assets are and where they should go. When you give a clear directive, a court will honor this and quickly distribute your assets. If it is not as clear or if someone contests your will, it goes through a lengthier process. 

How does life insurance work with a will? 

If you have named someone as a beneficiary in your life insurance plan, this supersedes the will and will go directly to the designated person. It does not need to go through the probate court. 

Why is a will necessary? 

A will is necessary for a few reasons:

  • If you have minor children, you will be able to choose a guardian for them when you pass away. 
  • You are given a voice when you are no longer here to speak for yourself.
  • The assets and property you have worked so hard for will pass along to those you want to give them to. 
  • You can take care of your loved ones even after you are gone. 

In Louisiana, a valid will is a written document signed by the testator that meets the requirements of state law regarding how his or her estate is to be handled after their death. The drafter of a will may also designate a person to be the executor of his or her estate. The executor is the court-approved person to handle the testate succession of the decedent. Having someone execute a last will and testament helps alleviate stress and confusion that is left behind once a loved one passes away. Here at Delphin Law Offices, we are dedicated to not only encouraging individuals to make a will, we offer them affordable legal counsel to make it happen. Speak with our Lake Charles, LA last will and testament attorneys now. 

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