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Brain Damage Lawyer Lake Charles, LANational statistics reveal that approximately 150 people die each day as a result of brain trauma. Any type of blow to the head that interrupts or interferes with the normal function of the brain. As a Lake Charles, Louisiana brain damage lawyer can attest, the most common brain injury are concussions. In many cases, the victim suffers a minor concussion, but if the injury is not treated, even a minor concussion can end up leaving the victim with long-term or permanent physical and/or emotional issues. Victims who have suffered a brain injury in an accident caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness should contact the Delphin Law Offices to discuss their legal options.

Brain Injuries

Each year, there are almost three million people who end up hospitalized because of some type of brain trauma. As mentioned above, concussions are the most common brain trauma sustained. The effects a concussion can have on a victim include minor to chronic headaches, blurred vision, and problems with motor skills.

A brain damage lawyer in Lake Charles, LA knows that accident victims can also suffer more serious injuries, including hemorrhaging, where there is bleeding in the outer space of the skull, and hematomas, where there are blood clots in the brain. If one of these conditions is suffered by a victim, they can face severe brain damage or death.

Causes of Brain Injuries

When a victim suffers a brain injury, their life can be forever changed, depending on the extent of the injury. Each Lake Charles, LA brain damage lawyer from our firm has worked with victims who end up dealing with chronic headaches and memory loss from concussions and other victims who were left with permanent brain damage from more serious brain trauma.

Although there are many different types of accidents where a victim can sustain a brain injury, the most common that we see here at our firm are:

  • Car Accidents: Many serious or severe car crashes end up leaving victims with brain injuries. It has been determined that car accidents are the third leading cause of brain injuries, responsible for about 20 percent of all brain injuries. Brain trauma can occur if the victim’s head hits their head on the steering wheel, dashboard, window, or is struck by an object that hits them upon impact. A victim can also sustain a head injury in rear-end collisions as a result of the jolting back and forth of the head when the car in the rear hits the car in the front.
  • Slip and Falls: While many people who suffer slip and fall injuries sustain sprains or fractured bones, a great many victims suffer brain trauma when they fall. This is caused by the amount of force that happens when the skull hits the hard ground or floor. Slip and fall accidents often occur when the victim is at a business or residence and the owner or management has failed to remove a potentially hazardous situation, such as a wet floor or broken step.

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