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If your child suffered injuries during the labor and delivery process, you should speak to a birth injury lawyer Lakes Charles, LA residents trust. What happened to your child wasn’t fair and your family deserves justice. A lawyer can help you file a timely lawsuit and improve your chances of getting fair compensation.

Common Types of Birth Injuries

Every parent’s hope is to give birth to a happy baby. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Mistakes during the labor and delivery process can occur. Here are the most common types of birth injuries:

  • Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral palsy can occur when a baby’s brain gets damaged before, during or shortly after birth. This condition impacts brain development, posture and muscle tone and makes daily life more difficult. Several risk factors for cerebral palsy include infections during pregnancy, abnormal fetus position and pre-existing medical conditions in pregnant women.
  • Bell’s Palsy: Bell’s palsy is a condition that causes babies to have little control of their facial muscles. In some, the condition can resolve itself over time. In others, it can cause permanent nerve damage. This injury can occur when a baby is deprived of oxygen during pregnancy or has an infection.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries can occur during long deliveries or if the fetus is larger than normal. Children who endure these injuries during birth may experience medical issues for the rest of their lives. They might not be able to walk or complete normal activities without assistance.
  • Broken Bones: As a birth injury lawyer in Lakes Charles, LA can confirm, babies can also suffer broken bones during the labor and delivery process. Whether caused by birth trauma or vitamin deficiencies, broken bones are serious injuries and must be addressed promptly.
  • Erb’s Palsy: Erb’s palsy is a condition that causes arm weakness and loss of motion and can occur during the birthing process. It is more likely to happen during a difficult and long labor and delivery process. The doctor may use too much force when using forceps or other medical devices.

Pursuing Compensation for a Birth Injury

Some birth injuries can affect people for the rest of their lives. Your child may require medical care for the rest of his or her life. Receiving compensation through a birth injury lawsuit can ease some of the financial burden.

Since birth injury cases often involve complexities, you should hire an experienced lawyer to assist you. He or she can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove negligence and negotiate with the insurance company.

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