Family Law Attorney in Lake Charles, LA

Find a Child Custody, Child Support & Divorce Lawyer

No decisions are more important than the ones affecting your family. Unfortunately, family law issues can be emotional, stressful and complicated. During these times of great tension, it is important to have the benefit of caring yet, objective counsel. When you come Delphin Law Offices, we begin by getting to know you, your family problems and your goals for resolution. Then we take action in your divorce, child custody or other family law matter accordingly.

  • Divorce: Supportive representation to guide you through your divorce and all attendant matters
  • Child Custody: Diligence in addressing and protecting your child's best interests and your parental rights
  • Child Custody Modifications
  • Child Support: Work to ensure that child support agreements are fair and equitable
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Visitation: Seeking quality time for parents and children
  • Property Division: Determination of marital property and individual assets, as Louisiana is a community property state
  • Spousal support: Temporary or permanent orders